Do you need a high I.Q. to understand eminent domain law?

After reading the list of Best Law Blogs that made the top ten in the 2007 Weblog Awards, we noted that the Volokh Conspiracy (Ranked #3 in the poll) posts the reading level of their blog at Junior High School level. So we were curious to see what our reading level is, and after testing it three times....Voila! It appears that you need to be a genius to understand it. Congratulations, readers! We always knew you were among the best and brightest.

Written By:Gopal Panday On November 12, 2007 10:29 AM

I became very doubtful of the LAW MAKERS understanding of the Laws they were writing themselves after testifying a few times before the State Assembly.
For instance, there is very little compensation for the BUSINESS in an eminent domain taking. Now, it isn't lost on me that if you take some one's business under eminent domain, aren't these people likely to lose their HOME as well because they lost their source of income?
How bright does one have to be to infer this?
On the bright side: I can run for an Assembly Seat and might do well just relying on my Common Sense.