A World War II Vet wins his eminent domain battle

"The Little Guy Wins' is a feature news segment by reporter Mary Murphy, who covered the Long Branch eminent domain story on WPIX Channel 11 last night. The video clip features Louis Anzalone, 92, who never gave up the fight to keep his home, even after his wife Lillian and other senior neighbors including Al Viviano, Mary LaConte, Anna DeFaria, and Carmen Vendetti passed away before their litigation ended. They were, to paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a generation that had a rendevous with destiny. They fought for freedom, but they never imagined that they would fight to keep their homes. Through years of litigation, Anzalone, a World War II Navy veteran, epitomized the spirit of that greatest generation, living the words of Winston Churchill: "Never, never, never, never give up."